It's My Radar To Intercept The World

by The Soap Company

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Chapter 24.


released October 13, 2016

Music by The Soap Company
Words by cassettes

Lead Vocal: cassettes

Recorded at The Space Station (Croydon West)
Vocal recorded by Rob Delta at Microdot Studios (Clapham)

Cover Image: Nick Reeves

cassettes courtesy of Planet Of The Tapes

Space Station Disco Records - 2016



all rights reserved


The Soap Company London, UK

Chaos Is Order Yet Undeciphered

Genre: Pffff...No Ta.

Record label: Space Station Disco

Current Location: House Of Reeves - LondonSouth

General manager: Anyone In The Outfit...
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Track Name: It's My Radar To Intercept The World (Feat: cassettes)
It's My Radar To Intercept The World

All that remains on the lens is the filth, the fade of the thrill
The bleach and the bleed of the Kodak film
All that remains is the trace and the smell
I am the ghost. I am the breath of a ghost
I am a sigh. I am the blink of an eye. I am a dream
You see these headlights and tail-lights? I am the nothing in between

I am the silence, the siren, the thought and the theme
I am the second hand, the minute, the hour
I am the pencil, the page, the eraser
I am the space between the bars of the cage
The flick of the switch, the thread and the days
I am the laugh at the foot of the grave
I am the grunt at the mouth of the cave
I am the memory you cannot save.
The sorry that you cannot bear to say
I am the word never heard, or dared mutter
I am the flame, and I am the flare, and I am the gutter

I am the wave on the rock in the dark
I am the flint, the strike yet to spark. I am the shadow
I am the hare crouched in the meadow
I am the 'almost caught in the beam'…

I’ve been walking all night and I’ve never been seen
And I’ve been walking all night, and I’ve never been seen

Travel’s just gravel and grit and time
And each village and county and city is mine, more or less…
Lay my head on the sleepers tonight
In the yards beneath the humming arc light

I’ve been walking all night and I’ve never been seen
And I’ve been walking all night, and I’ve never been seen

Beneath the moon made of bone between finger and thumb
And it shines on parade and It beats like a drum
I will curl myself among the flowers and weeds
And I will curfew in litter and debris and leaves
I am numb. I am no one

I count my blessings and dance the white lines
Here on the edge of violence I dine
With sirens and silence and the bending of time
Wine, women, wax and aspirin are four of my five
I am alive

Victoria, I will ask you once again
What does it matter where have I been?
And you will answer “We are all free under this skin"
So, just breathe
I stick out my thumb and I leave
It's my radar to intercept the world